Motor and Controller for Golf Carts

As the proud owner of a golf cart, you already know the enjoyment that comes from owning a buggy. Whether you use your cart for the course, to cruise around town, or off the beaten path for off-roading and hunting, you can always use more speed or torque. As one of the most popular and common upgrades made to golf carts, enhancing golf cart performance is easily done by changing up the electric motor and/or controller. If you’re looking to amp up your golf cart, this is a surefire way. 

Let’s start at the beginning. Golf cart motors convert electrical power into mechanical energy. Different motors are designed for different needs such as speed, torque, or general use. Golf cart controllers enable you to control your acceleration and general speed (as well as battery currents, motor currents, thermal protection, and throttle mapping).

Best Golf Cart Motors and Controllers

It can get pretty confusing when you get into all the golf cart motor controller and speed controllers for golf carts. There are a ton of options, all of which depend on your specific needs. In order to determine the best route for you to go, it’s important to consider why you want a golf cart motor for sale and/or controller upgrade for golf carts in the first place.

You may be wondering if you need to upgrade both the golf cart motor and controller? Great question! To help us determine what you need, we’ll ask for your cart’s brand, year, model, voltage, and what upgrades you’ve already done on your golf cart. We’ll also ask whether you’re searching for golf cart motors with high torque or golf cart motors for speed. In other words, do you need pulling power or high speed? Either way, Southeastern Golf can provide the golf cart electric motor controller that will give your cart that high performance you’ve always wanted.

Golf Cart Motor and Controller Upgrades

When SE Golf sets to work on your upgrades, we’ll determine the golf cart motor duty rating and peak vs. non-peak horsepower ratings.

The motors which provide high torque usually turn at lower RMPs to provide that pulling power. Just changing a golf cart controller will affect torque more than speed. If you’re pulling/towing, carrying passengers, or driving in mountainous terrain, you’ll probably need to upgrade the controller. Most off-roading golf carts have rugged, larger tires and are lifted golf carts, which will then also require a larger motor.

If you typically use your cart for traveling around town or for commercial purposes, you may want higher speeds to get you from A to Z quickly. The golf cart motors for fast speeds will provide lower levels of torque and turn at high RPM to gain the added speed. 

Does this sound like gibberish to you? Don’t worry, the experts at SE Golf know exactly what we’re dealing with and will get your cart outfitted with what you need.

Golf Cart Motors and Controllers

Southeastern Golf Carts has a huge inventory of golf controllers and motors for you to browse through. We offer new golf cart controllers as well as used golf cart controllers if you’re looking for a more affordable option. Some of our offerings include:

  • Yamaha electric golf cart controller
  • EZGO golf cart motor controller
  • Club Car motor and controller
  • 36 volt golf cart controller
  • Golf cart controller 48v
  • Used golf cart speed controllers
  • High speed golf cart motors
  • Golf cart controllers and parts
  • Golf cart motors 
  • And so many more golf cart controllers for sale

Are you in need of golf cart motor controller troubleshooting? SE Golf Cart experts are here to help determine what motor and controller combinations work best for your golf cart. Our team can put together an entire package designed for your unique driving conditions. We’ll install it all, perform a golf cart controller rebuild if necessary, provide full service afterward, and make sure your ride is exactly what you want! Click, call, or come in today and get your buggy up to speed.