Golf Cart Batteries in Jackson, MS!

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SouthEastern Golf Carts is proud to offer all services and sales related to golf carts! Our spot is a one-stop-shop where you can purchase golf carts of any brand, as well as wholesale, customized, and specialty carts. Not only are we the biggest used golf cart dealer in Mississippi but we also provide all the associated services you’ll need. 

SE Golf offers the largest selection (both online in and in our store) of golf cart parts and accessories. Our expert technicians can perform any golf cart maintenance or repair your buggy may require. Best of all, we accessorize, upgrade, and customize anything you can dream up! Want to see what we mean? Visit our gallery for all the specialty carts we create!

A large part of the successful upkeep of golf carts is keeping the batteries in the best shape possible. You perform required regular maintenance yourself, or have our qualified team do all the hard work for you! When it’s time, count on us to replace golf cart batteries with the best on the market and with our skilled technicians. Simply choose your golf cart battery replacement and we’ll do the rest! 

Golf Cart Batteries Near Me

SE Golf Carts puts out uniquely customized and personalized golf carts. With that, your battery maintenance needs and replacement will vary. To make sure we provide everything you’ll need for the lifespan of your cart, we offer a huge inventory of golf cart batteries for sale

Just bring your cart specs in and we’ll help you select the perfect battery to suit your needs. There are a wide variety of golf cart batteries available on the market to suit all conditions and requirements. Our experts will talk you through which is best for you!

There are 3 main types:

  • Gel Lead-Acid Golf Cart Batteries: Perfect for our highly used golf carts, GLA batteries are high performance due to a thickening agent inside the sealed unit to maintain the stability of the electrolytes. GLA batteries get high durability ratings. 
  • AGM Lead-Acid Golf Cart Batteries: Taking GLA batteries a step further, AGM are enhanced versions that provide an additional fiberglass separator to keep electrolytes in place. They are extremely resistant to vibration, are spill-proof, and ultra-durable. AGM golf cart batteries are ideal for customized hunting or off-roading carts, as they work well on rough terrain and score high on durability. 
  • Flooded Lead-Acid Golf Cart Batteries: FLA or “wet cell’ batteries are not sealed and contain lead plates. These batteries are best for those of you who are involved in the upkeep of your golf cart. Replacing fluids/lubricating is a must because when you refill the fluids, electrolytes lost during use are replaced.

And that’s not all we do! Besides providing new and replacement batteries, we provide general repair, maintenance, upgrades, and accessorizing for batteries! Shop our battery accessory inventory to keep your golf cart battery in tip-top shape! Invest in battery covers to prevent corrosion on the battery and cables. Consistently check batteries for water and keep the terminals and posts clean and clear! 

SouthEastern Golf is thrilled to do the rest for you with one quick stop by our shop. Schedule your appointment today for battery replacement or maintenance, visit our store for batteries, or shop online. We look forward to helping you!