Heavy Duty Leaf Springs for Golf Carts

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Golf Cart Leaf Springs Near Me

One of the parts you’ll need to replace consistently on your golf cart is the leaf spring.

Let’s start with the important information first! What are golf cart leaf springs? Just as in other vehicles, leaf springs are used for the suspension of your golf cart and are important for the structure of your cart, as well as keeping your ride smooth and comfortable. If you have a lifted, off-roading, towing, or hunting cart, it’s even more crucial that you routinely replace your leaf springs.

Why Replace Golf Cart Leaf Springs

Over time, the leaf springs will sag, crack, and eventually break if not replaced. The steel in the leaf springs may stretch and the resulting looseness can lead to suspension issues. Don’t wait until this point to replace golf cart leaf springs. You don’t want structural or permanent damage to your cherished golf buddy, so good maintenance is key!

Wondering how to tell when to replace leaf springs? If your headlights begin to point further upward than normal, or the back sags/dips, this is a sign of loosening leaf springs. Cracks may be visible on the springs themselves if they are worn enough. However, these signs don’t always show up, so it’s best to routinely change the leaf springs and/or have our experienced technicians at SE Golf check it out for you.

What to Consider When Replacing Golf Cart Leaf Springs

Heavy Duty Golf Cart Leaf Springs

SE Golf offers heavy-duty leaf springs in a 4 leaf design for increasing the cart weight capacity if you tow, off-road, or have a utility cart. These springs are recommended for rough ride terrains or heavy loads such as an added rear seat or utility box.

Golf Cart Rear Leaf Springs or Front Springs

Depending on your particular need and use, most golf cart leaf springs can be installed in the rear or front. Golf cart rear springs are really useful for heavy loads!

A few other considerations when searching for new golf cart leaf springs:

  • Easy to install (or let SE Golf do the work for you!)
  • Better strength than the original springs 
  • Springs that improve handling
  • Arched shape to make the ride more pleasant
  • Include new brushings

SE Golf Leaf Springs Inventory

  • Club Car rear leaf spring
  • Club Car leaf spring replacement
  • Leaf springs EZGO golf cart
  • EZGO heavy duty leaf springs
  • EZGO marathon rear leaf springs
  • EZGO txt leaf spring
  • Yamaha leaf spring
  • ST Sport leaf spring replacement
  • Freedom golf cart leaf spring
  • Bad Boy Buggy leaf spring
  • Schwinn Motorsports Scooters leaf spring
  • Tomberlin EMerge electric cars leaf spring
  • And so many more!

The team at SE Golf specializes in leaf springs for all makes and models of golf carts so we know exactly how to make your suspension system work its very best. Our full-service shop can install new golf cart leaf springs (rear or front), new shock absorbers, and coil springs too, in order to really smooth out your ride! Check us out today!